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The song playing is my very own song. It's called Scott's Song.
It's all about ME! My parents had it made for me. I'm sorry if it takes it a verrrrrrrrrry long time to download.

My Battle With Cancer

Nov. 29, 2002
Me with my new dark hair!


Please read our letter to the editor of our local newspapers.
YOU are included in it!
Letter To The Editor


On October 19, 2001 I was diagnosed with cancer. The kind of cancer I have is bone cancer and called Ewings Sarcoma and it is most often seen in kids between the ages of 10 and 20. They say it hits when our bones are growing the fastest. On this page I am going to tell you about MY experience with cancer.

When I first found out I had cancer I thought it was kinda NEAT! I got to get a wheel chair, and I was going to get to sleep in a hospital bed, and one of the kids that I met told me about the Make A Wish Foundation! It seemed like this might not be such a bad thing after all!

But then.... I had to go to the hospital. This was NOT the best experience I've ever had! They have done a million tests on me this week. They've taken blood, and done an MRI and a bone scan. I've met about a zillion doctors -- and they're ALL on my team! Most of the time I got to go home at the end of each day, but the last tests that they did, I had to stay overnight -- for two nights! They put me to sleep and cut my leg to do the biopsy and to take a little bit of my bone marrow. And then they put a tube in my chest so that I won't have to get ANY MORE shots!!! Thank God! If there is one thing I do NOT like it is shots!

So now they've done all the tests and tomorrow we're going to go meet with the doctors again, and THIS time they will have decided EXACTLY what my treatment is going to be. I MAY start my chemotherapy tomorrow (I hope) or we may wait until Thursday. I hope we start tomorrow because the tumor is pressing on a nerve in my leg and it HURTS!!! I want this pain to GO AWAY!

I'll let you know more when I feel up to it again.

Donald, Scott & Derek
Scott was thrilled to have
some friends stop by!

Scott "demonstrates" how they
put him to sleep for his
surgery! This was the ACTUAL
mask used! What momentos
you can pick up these days!!!

November 3...

Okay! Enough of this! I'm ready to be cancer free now! I want to go back to school and see my friends. Hospital food stinks. I'm really, really tired of pain -- it NEVER hurt before the biopsy and I wish they hadn't done it! I don't like just laying here in this hospital bed and I want to go home! I'm BORED! And I want my NURSE! My leg hurts! (do you understand that I'm confused and I don't know why this is happening to ME and I'm tired of it?)

November 29...

I really really want to thank everyone who has sent me so many gifts and cards! I really appreciate them and they do help me feel sO much better!
Thank you EVERYONE!

December 6 ...

Hey! Guess WHAT? You guys are not even gonna believe this!
The FIRST LADY came to see ME in the hospital yesterday! It was sO cool! The Secret Service came and everything! And they brought their dogs! Mrs. Bush brought Barney - that's the First Dog. And the Secret Service guys brought their dog too. We're not even allowed to have live PLANTS in the cancer unit -- those dogs were NOT supposed to be there! She stayed in my room and visited for quite a while, and she gave me a book and a teddy bear! (and she signed my book for me!) It was awesome!

Me and Mrs. Laura Bush

The First Lady gives me a book.

ME and Barney - (the First Dog)
He's sO cute!

Oh! And here's some pictures my dad took when we went fishing a few weeks ago!
If you'd like to see more recent fishing pictures, check out my BRAND NEW fishing page!
Just catch the little fish - he'll take you there!

Here's me... just kickin' back waiting for the BIG ONE to come along!

This is the Catfish I caught this weekend. It's smaller than the other one I caught though!

February 26,2002
5 days Post Surgery

I got a NEW toy today!

And Derek WANTS some of the action!!!

Mail Call!
Moooooore mail!
I am feeling MUCH better today! I really love all the cards and letters and presents I'm getting! But ya know what I really want? PLEEEEEEEEEASE come visit me!!! I am sO bored and I neeeeeed some friends to entertain me!!! Please, Please, PLEEEEASE come! (don't make me grovel...)

Here are some more pictures of my hospital stay.

My cousin Brendan trying to WAKE ME UP!!!

This is me and Uncle Jef
(us two baldies gotta stick together!)

Lexi came to visit too!
(Lexi is the daughter of my Mom's old roommate!)

This was my first attempt at getting out of
bed for physical therapy! With me are my nurse, Cheryl
and my Physical Therapist, Rachel.

Mr. Harris came to visit one day. He brought
Mrs. Whedbee and David Ferguson with him!
What a great surprize!!!

And my friend Kyle came!
I really LOVE having my friends come!

March 28, 2002

Oh booooooy do I have some news to share with you guys! I'm getting a WISH from The Make-A-Wish Foundation and it's coming TRUE this weekend!!! On Saturday morning a LIMOSINE is coming to my house to pick up Me, my two brothers (Ty & Drew), my Mom & Dad, and my friends, Derek & DJ. It's going to drive us down to Annapolis for a SHOPPING SPREE at Games Workshops and an electronic store. I'm going to get tons of Warhammers Stuff!!! And also a hand held PC! Mom & Dad will take lots of pictures, so we'll share them in a few days. I am sO excited!!!

The Pictures are UP!
** My Wish Page **
Come See!


A note about the Make-A-Wish Foundation: Make-A-Wish provides wishes to children under the age of 18 who are suffering a life-threatening illness. Children can choose to go on a special adventure (MOST children do actually choose to go to Disney World) or they can get a special item that will enrich their lives, or provide special memories, or they can choose to meet a favorite athlete or something like that! The purpose of the wish is to give the child something to look forward to at the end of all their treatments, OR, as is Scott's case to provide them with something to keep them "occupied" during the time that they are layed up! Scott has gotten SO "in" to this Warhammer thing that the foundation found this to be a very worthwhile wish to fulfill for him. Our family would like to ask that you SUPPORT the Make-A-Wish foundation. Of course, they do take donations directly, but you can also support them by using "products" that sponser them. Domino's Pizza is one - they have a little ad on the side of their boxes that states they are sponsors or supporters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Lot's of other products sponser too! Just look for the emblem! For more info, click here: Make-A-Wish


I want to send out a special thanks to Ms. Jan from Sunrise At Fantasy Valley! You know what she did? Well, back when I was really craving rootbeer, she found some of those rootbeer barrel candies and brought them to me - along with some mints which are another favorite of mine! (that was a loooong time ago - during my first fight with the beast.) And THEN, this Christmas, she and some teenagers came by and brought some gifts for my brothers and me. Ya know what? THAT really cheered me up! It was just sO nice of her to do that for us. And I just wanted everybody to know that I appreciate her for that.


I have a new fun feature now. A MESSAGE BOARD! This is where you can come and leave a message for me, and I can answer back! It's not like a chat room -- I won't be there talking live to you -- but it's better than a message book, because if you come back to it later I might have answered you. I thought we might try this anyway. Oh... it's not like a guestbook either ... a message board is for conversations - but as the board fills up, the old messages disappear. Sooooo.... ya wanna talk?

I apologize!
Boardhoast Message Boards went KABLOOEY.
They lost all information and it is not retrievable.


March 2, 2003

Derek & Melli came down to visit me today. I wasn't feeling very great and Derek and I didn't really dO anything, but it was nice to see him anyway. We watched Homeward Bound 2 together. I want to go home so I can see my friends more, and my family all at the same time. I found out today that I've been here for 3 weeks. I didn't realize I've been here that long. I don't want to be here that long! I want to go HOME!

This is me and my Dad!

Me, my mom, and Melli.
Mom is inside the phone...
I was talkin' to her!
This is my cousins, Ali & Ben with me.
They came today too!

And this is just adorable me!
(Melli said that! I didn't!
I'm not that bold! ... ...
well, yes I am! But Melli said it!)


The Homecoming

Yea! Scott is finally home!! He arrived in a fashion that is reserved for our most honored heros.

As many of our family, friends, and neighbors stood watching in our front yard, a bright yellow Medstar helicopter brought Scott home. (As many people at Children's told us, usually patients arrive by helicopter but rarely do they ever go home that way!)

Our local sheriff department and state troopers were there also. As the helicopter got closer, the squad car lights and flashers were turned on. Once the Medstar helicopter landed, the transport team worked to move Scott out and up the yard to the house. The crowd clapped and cheered his arrival.

Much to the surprise of everyone , Scott was awake and alert. We heard him say "Hello Dr. Hook!", and we all knew that he was home. No one expected Scott to be awake. We expected him to be sedated so that he would not be in any pain from the ride but Scott was able to make the trip without ANY sedation! The 10 days prior to coming home, while being transported to NIH by ambulance for radiation, he had to be heavily sedated due to potholes AND positioning on the radiation table. The helicopter allowed him to get out of DC without ONE MORE POTHOLE! Yeah!

Everyone expected to leave after Scott arrived to give our family time to get settled but, Scott surprised us again by wanting to see all of the people that had come to see him. So, the Medstar Team stayed, got Scott settled "under the watchful eye of the Sheriff and his officers, State Troopers, and the local Fire Dept " and then they all took turns with a short visit with Scott. We even had cake and icecream. It was a true and long awaited homecoming!

Everything fell into place wonderfully and on such short notice (even tho this site was offline for a short time). As we all know , lots of times things just don't go as planned but this time they did. It was truly an honor befitting our hero.

We would like to thank everyone that made this day happen. It was a labor of love and a joyful celebration for our Scott.

The Coyles

The Family await Scott's return.

Ty, Dad, Drew & Jef
waiting for their hero.

Many friends wait too...

Morgan, Thomas, Derek, Kyle, Kyle, Homer & Alex
The Buds wait for their friend to come home.

Heeeeeeeere he comes!

The Chopper Lands

Finally... back where he belongs.


Webmistress Notes:


WHOA! HALT! STOP! We need to put a halt on the buttons/pins/badges operation for a moment! The letter has come back from Guinness and it appears that we really did jump the gun. They want this to be a very SPECIFIC collection. i.e. -- One person in the book collected Fireman's Patches -- 2,810 of them from 50 different countries. Another person collected buttons (regular sew on buttons - shirts/coats etc.., I believe) -- 439,900 of them - all different! And whatever he collects that "ALL DIFFERENT" is a very important part of it! Sooo... you can see that this isn't going to be as easy as all that. The first thing is, Scott has to decide EXACTLY what he wants to collect!!! So, until further notice, let's hold up on the buttons and see what he decides on. Then we can all get busy scouring our different sources and help him come up with what he really needs! That's all for now! Hopefully I'll be back later today with an actual Scotty update! I'll try to talk to Judi sometime today. :)

I'm really sorry for those of you that have spent a lot of time or money buying pins or buttons or postage! We had noooo idea!


Just got off the phone with Rob. Scotty is not in a good way tonight. I got no details - he couldn't talk. But urgent prayers are requested. I will try to bring more information later on if Judi calls me or if one of them gets a chance to email me. Dear God, bless this baby.... :(


Scott had a peaceful night last night. Rob says he slept well. I know many of you have been up praying the night, as I have. Scott had an MRI this morning, but the results are inconclusive. Just keep praying, and when the doctors figure out what's going on I'll bring it to you. Prayer is the most important thing we have to offer, and it's the most ANY of us can do for him. Everyone, please try to be patient... we are ALL anxious about this, and the Drs. and the Coyles are doing the very best that they can. This is a most stressful time for us all, but most especially for them. We must all keep a POSITIVE attitude and just pray for the very best! In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the poem that Scott's good friend Jan wrote for him back in November. She and Judi have both chosen to share it with me, and Judi asked that I share it with you too. It is down below my updates here. (and below the past updates) I hope you enjoy it.


Derek and I went to visit Scott today. It was GREAT to see him! We haven't layed eyes on that boy since before his surgery! Way too long! We stayed for about 2 hours. He wasn't feeling very well, and it's a little deceiving because he looks pretty good! One of the medications that he's on now gives him that "swollen cancer kid" look. I think when Derek first saw him he thought "oh boy!", but soon found out that his buddy just wasn't really "up" to much. They did watch a movie and talked a little, but mostly just enjoyed each others company. Scott wanted to know if we wanted to see his "leg" - the missing one. Derek declined, and I left it up to Scott. If he wanted me to, then yep, I would! He wanted me to. But not really -- he just wanted me to see that it's gone. He didn't want to show me the scar, and that was fine. We were there to see Scott, with or without parts! He was in and out of pain during our visit... sometimes excruciating, other times just a zap! And still other times more of an ache... but most of the time, he rested fairly peacefully. It really was a GREAT visit! Check out the new pictures just above my updates!


This from Judi:

''A new tumor has recently been found in Scott's spine. He will be going for 10-15 days of radiation at NIH- transported via ambulance from Children's. We are eager to get him home if the pain can be controlled.

For now we are decorating his hospital room with all the cards people are sending- and over the next few weeks would be a perfect time for Scott to be assured how special and brave he really is. Homemade cards, signs etc are PERFECT (and that does not necessarily mean computer!!) Cards should be sent to PO Box or home address (if they have it). We appreciate all the support that can be mustered.''

I give you once again that PO Box:

P.O. Box 906
Huntingtown, MD 20639


Another update from Judi:

''Scott is in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for pain control. Everyone seems to feel that he will be ready to move back up to the 4th floor by Thursday afternoon! This is GREAT NEWS! He will be continuing to get radiation treatments through next week. His rides to NIH over DC’s pot holes have improved very much, thanks to modern medicine! Scott didn’t get a chance to check his emails today but will get back to it hopefully in a day or so! But he did have a super day today and was even looking at a magazine and requesting to play a game boy game! Mom asked for “sweet” kisses and he not only gave her one, but asked if there was anyone else in the room who wanted one! He has incredible nursing care and they make him smile! It feels like we are getting a handle on the situation!''

Keep up the GREAT work Scotty! You are such a Super Trooper boy! :)


Scotty is coming home today. At least that's the plan... there's a lot of coordination involved in making this happen - but today is the day that everyone is shooting for. (if this changes it will be posted here.) Scott is very happy to be coming home. No more hospitals. No more doctors. No more tests! He will be coming home to stay and he will be in the care of Hospice. The Ewings is progressing fairly quickly. Friends are welcome to come and visit daily between the hours of Noon and 5:00 pm. The family would like to keep the morning and evening hours for their special time together. However, Scott really does want to see people and if these hours are just impossible for you, please give Rob or Judi a call and they will make other arrangements with you. (These hours may change also once they are settled in and see how this schedule works out. Again... check here for changes.)

Those of you that can not visit can still help out. The cards and letters that you've been sending to all 3 children have been great! Please keep those cards and letters coming! Ty and Drew look forward to them as much as Scott does! Judi tells me "Mail time is a highlight of the day!".


Okay! He's going to be coming soon! The helicopter will be picking him up at Children's at about 5:10 - 5:15 and then they will be on their way! We expect him between 5:30 - 5:45 pm. COME ON OVER!!!


No Visitors today please. Scotty is not feeling up to it today.


Scott is UP for visitors today! Come on by! Between noon and 5:00 pm.


We are still working out Scott's med schedule- he was quite sleepy during his Sunday visits this week. For the time being, visiting hours during the week will be 1-4 pm. We will re-evaluate this schedule as we rework his meds. We appreciate your being patient with us as we learn what times work out best for Scott and his family!

It was a wonderful afternoon to share time with Scott. The family appreciated seeing everyone and being surrounded by love and kindness.


No visitors today, please. We hope to see you tomorrow.


As everyone knows, we must take each day as it comes as we decide what will work for visitation! As of now (10:30 pm Tues pm), Scott is again not up for visitors tomorrow. He had quite a 'punk' day today and may still be feeling that way in the morning! If by chance he should be feeling better tomorrow we will let you know. He has a few appts with the physical therapist, nurse and home health worker on Wed. We will see how his schedule progresses throughout the week.

Our family give thanks for each day we have to share with Scott. He is a true blessing and spending time with him is a gift of magical time. We appreciate your help in making his time magical. We want you to know he does feel very special and very loved!

Again, contacting Scott via the PO BOX 906, Huntingtown, Md 20639 is also a great way to go! Maybe including a few cards for the brothers (Ty and Drew) as they attempt to share their piece of their brother. It can be very loving and human at the same time.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and to love your children everyday. Don't just say HI!, sit and interact. You'll be glad you did later.




No visitors today please. Scott is not up to it.


Judi called me last night and asked that I tell you there will be no more visitations with Scott. He's just not up to it. Let's all be thankful for the time that we HAVE had to visit with him. Every single precious minute has been a gift and a blessing for us all!


Scott passed away this afternoon at 3 pm. He was surrounded by love and family. He was painfree and very relaxed when he died. Scott had been surrounded by family- day and night- until God chose to bring him home. He was not scared. Our family is grateful that Scott died pain free, embraced in love, knowing that he was going to the arms of Jesus.

Scott's family cannot sufficiently express how much it meant to us to see how Scott was loved and cherished. We appreciate EVERYONE'S support- and Scott died feeling VERY special and loved! Your kind, supportive and loving words were and continue to be a wonderful tribute to him.

Please visit Scott's Memorial Page

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Walton H. Stone, Builders
St. Leonard, MD


Sneade's Ace Hardware
Owings, MD

For providing the familys' home with an access ramp
for Scott's wheelchair!

This generous and caring gift is appreciated SO much!!!

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