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He's the bravest boy I'm sure you all would agree!
He is so inspiring and
he truly is
the bravest boy we ever will see.

His battle has been the toughest
of them all
but no one could ever fight it braver
even though he is so very small.

Soldiers dressed in armor couldn't fight like him.
Although his battle wounds are large in size,
behind these wounds
the bravest boy does not hide.

I'm quiet sure it's safe for me to say
for ALL who have met him,
the amazing things we've learned
from this brave boy
are embedded in our souls
and will never be forgotten.

Let me tell you,
his battle is much, much different
than our soldiers over the sea.
He was given no training or ammo,
he fights with courage
from his amazing personality.

His spirit is radiant and his smiles are magical!
He's reminded us all of the truely important things in life.
Battling with war hammers,
it's "funner"
to hand over those pretend guys all of the strife!

Being surrounded by love,
being silly with friends,
video games, computers,
and gadgets of course!
Peppermint candy and root beers,
being nice to one an other,
lending a hand,
truley appreciating life and
over comming our fears.

The bravest boy has reminded us all
not to let the little stressors of day to day life
get us down.
Laugh, do a cart wheel, give a hug
or spin on the merry go round.

And doesn't it figure
it's the brave ones
that dont know just how brave they are...
but let me tell you
THIS little boy is the bravest by far!

Not many people are as lucky as us
to have met such a brave boy
who is fighting a battle so bravely!!!!!
Thank you Scotty
for sharing
your amazing spirit
and strength with us!

and the Lantz family