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December 18, 2001

Guess what happend at MY house this weekend? A whole bunch of people came over and DECORATED my house and yard for Christmas!!! I've always wanted to have all the trees and stuff in our yard lit up with Christmas lights and Mom & Dad never wanted to do all that. We always had SOME lights -- but not LOTS! I always wanted LOTS and LOTS of lights! And this weekend I GOT 'em! It was all a surprise to ME! I didn't know they were coming at all! It was really cool! I really want to thank all the families that came and helped to make my house and yard sO special this year!
Thank you ALL sO much!
Here's the finished product! Isn't it COOL?

February 3, 2002

Something *new* and wonderful happend at the Coyle's house again this week! Two very caring
families in the community, with the means and the where-with-all, built a new access ramp
off of their front door so that the house is now "wheelchair" friendly for Scott!

Walt & Kim Stone of Walton H. Stone, Builders provided
the labor while Dave & Lynnie Sneade of Sneade's Ace Hardware
provided the materials!

Wasn't that just a beautiful thing for these 2 families to do?



Scott had a great weekend at home -- that fresh blood was JUST what the Dr. ordered!!! He had friends over, and went fishing -- caught ANOTHER big catfish, from what I hear! Now today he's back in the hospital. He started round 3 of his chemo -- this one is the 48 hour drip, so he'll be there until Thursday. The beast is getting weaker and weaker. Take him DOWN Scotty - take him DOWN! That's it! You got him in a half-nelson now!!! PIN HIM! I do believe Scott gets that point!


Well, Scott came home today -- and I see he already told you the BIG news! So, I'll just mention that at this point (having just finished this round of chemo) he's feeling pretty good! Even went up to the school this afternoon to help the Builders Club put up the Christmas tree! And tonight he's off enjoying Ty & Drew's Christmas concert at their school. So ... so far, so GOOD!

This is me and the rest of the Builders Club.
I'm the one sitting in the wheelchair
with the stupid MASK on my face!
I HATE the mask, but it let's me visit
with friends more safely.


Isn't THIS wonderful? I have NOTHING to tell you! Scott is continuing to do well! Life is going on at his house -- sorta like "normal" - WOW! I bet that really feels good for a change!


I'm not believing this! Five more days have passed and Scott is still feeling great! His blood levels have stayed good and he's doing just fine! Judi and Scott met with his orthopedic oncologist on Thursday to get the lowdown on his surgery. Though they had hoped Scott would be able to keep his own knee, the doctors have decided to replace the entire femur AND the knee as well. They took all the measurements and have sent the blueprints off to the workshop! (I'm bettin' that new "bionic" knee will be even BETTER than his original!) AND the surgery is scheduled for the end of January! Can't come soon enough for Scott -- he's about ready to get on with his life now. He's had enough of this stuff!


Wellllll, heeeeeere we go again! Scott began his 4th round of chemo today! **Get 'em with that triple action power punch and super-spin side kick Scott!!!** (oops! don't forget to throw that Roundhouse Block!) **That's IT! It's not enough to just knock him down -- ya gotta keep him at bay too!** You're doing a GREAT job ol' Scotty boy! Keep it up! Scott and Judi are staying down at the Ronald McDonald house this week. This is the chemo round that requires 6 hours a day for 5 days. This round will be done on Saturday -- just say a few prayers that Scott reacts as well to this round as he has to the last 2 rounds! He's been doing sO well ... but a few extra prayers can never hurt!


Well....... he did ALMOST as well with this round! He had more nausea this time than he has experienced before and he was a weee bit homesick staying down there... but Judi says as soon as they got in the car to come home he started feeling a LOT better! :) Just two more rounds to go and then he gets a 3-4 week break until after the surgery. That will give his blood a chance to build back up before the surgery. We want him as strong and healthy as possible for that big day!!!


Oooooooo... darn! Scott is back in the hospital again! He went in for Clinic on Thursday, (12/27) and they admitted him. He was running low grade fevers and his blood counts were very low. His ANC is currently "0" (yea... zero) and it needs to come up to 250 before he can come home. This is NOT unusual in cancer patients -- but it's just what needs to happen. If it's at zero he can't fight off infections and thus the little fevers! He's also in pain from some skin irritations and they're giving him morphine for that. This is all Chemo related stuff -- the Beast is not gaining momentum -- it's just that the soldiers in Scott's army have accidentally hit HIM a few times too! Friendly fire if you will. But Scott is a strong and fearless leader!!! And his shield is on order!
(Please excuse this webmistress if updates are a bit behind. My computer isn't playing well with others right now and has been sent to stand in the corner!)


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!(i had something MUCH bigger planned, but puter is still being uncooperative. it's now being grounded for a week.) Scott came home from the hospital yesterday -- see? Happy New Year!!! If they hadn't released him, he was planning his escape! He had definately been there loooong enough for one stretch! The poor boy is B - O - R - E- D !!! Oh SO bored!!! He wants to do ... um... er... um... SOMETHING! Got any ideas? This is really really HARD because Scott is NOT a quiet, passive type kid. He's a roller blading, bike riding, tree climbing, running, jumping, scrounging through dumpsters type kid!!! He's a "I wanna go HUNTING" type kid! He's a "ride on the Bat Wing roller coaster would be good right now" type kid! He's a run faster jump higher KEDS type kid! Ya got ANY ideas for places Judi could take him? Things he could DO? He doesn't WANT to go to museums or WATCH anything... he wants to DO! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Scott went back in for round 5 of chemo yesterday. I haven't talked to the family so that's about all I can report. This is a short round though, so he should be home again tomorrow. GOOD LUCK SCOTT! We hope this is a good one! Hang on to that sword Buddy, cuz the shield makers are slower 'n molasses on a up hill roll! Just can't seem to find a decent tinsmith! (don't tell Mr. Lantz I said that ... hehehe)


Scott has been home for a few days and continues to do VERY well! He withdrew from school today with hopes of going back, perhaps in April. Right now he just needs to really concentrate on getting well. AND... with surgery now scheduled for February 20th (yes! we have a date!), he will be so busy with rehabilitation therapy that he just WON'T be able to concentrate on school work. Judi is going to be Home Schooling him for the time being, and will hopefully be able to keep him up enough to be able to return when this is all over! He does miss his friends at school, but most days he just doesn't have the concentration level needed for heavy duty school work. He has signed up to take a Hunting Safety course with Rob -- he's VERY excited about that! He really wants to be able to go hunting next fall! (oh boy... dead fish aren't enough... next he'll want me to post pictures of deer carcasses!)


Scotty is continuing to do well although he's a little "down" these days. He's SOOOO bored with the things that he's ABLE to do, and it's really getting a little hard to deal with all the things he's NOT ABLE to do. I would imagine he's feeling a little STUCK between that proverbial ROCK and a HARD PLACE! Judi tells me he is very interested in learning about WWI and WWII. She's wondering if there are any day trips near here she could take him on to learn about this. Anybody have any ideas? She knows about the Smithsonian, but wonders if there's other stuff. Any re-enactment type things? Anything hands-on? If you know of anything, give her a call or email her!

Whoooooooo Wheeeee! Are you ready for THIS???? (i am sooooo excited!)

Scotty went on a SLEEEEEEPOVER last night!!! Whoooo Hooo! Friday night he had Homer, Kyle and Derek spend the night at HIS house. Well... LAST night the whole bunch of 'em moved their way over to Homer's house! How cool! I bet this did wOnders for Scott! What a great weekend!

Late breaking news is that Scott spent 1/2 the night at Homers. He got feeling not so well and went home around 11 pm. But he still had fun!!!


Scott returned to Children's today for 5 days Chemo. He will be staying IN the hospital this time. This is the last round before his surgery! Soooooo...

Here ya go Scotty! Finally got your shield! FIGHT 'em off Boy!!!