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February 11, 2002

Scotty had a wiiiiiild experience tonight! He and 5 friends, plus Mr. Harris (his Geography teacher), plus Mom, Dad, his brothers and Uncle Jef got to go to a FREE Hockey game at the MCI center! "Olie the Goalie" gives free tickets to Children's hospital for the cancer patients. They got to sit in an area designated for "Olie's Kids" and GET THIS! -- In between 2 periods Scott got to ride the ZAMBONI to clean off the ice -- AND they announced his name (quite loudly)! Scott was a little "shy" about it all (not thrilled about his name being announced) but enjoyed the ride!!! What a TRIP! The family plans to do it again in April!

HEY! Who's that KID drivin' da ZAMBONI???

Scott and friends meet a new Buddy!

An A+ night was had by all!


Man, I'm a little behind on these updates! I'm really sorry! Scott ended up getting sick after the sleepover. As a matter of fact, Scott, Kyle and Homer ALL got some sort of flu-bug. Scott was admitted back into the hospital and they got him under control ... I think the chemo was postponed for one or two days. But he HAS had it now. He came home after the chemo and was okay when I saw him last Tuesday afternoon, but he got sick again Tuesday night and was unable to keep anything down Wednesday. He was scheduled to go back down to the hospital anyway on Thursday to check his blood counts, so when he got there, they kept him again! HE IS A VERY VERY SICK LITTLE GUY!!! His counts had dropped, he has yeast infections, he's lost 10 MORE pounds from dehydration and vomiting, his temp is high, his platelets were low (but they gave him more), and he's in pain. He is sO sick he actually ASKED his mom to take him to the hospital! (that just makes me want to cry!) He is still at the hospital. We have no idea when he'll get to come home. Judy says he's not up to doing ANYTHING though.

The silver lining here is that the CANCER is doing exactly what it's supposed to. It has shrunk and shrunk and shrunk. The latest scans look good and if Scott can just get healthy enough, his surgery should still go off as planned on February 20th! Judy and Rob will be meeting with the surgeon again on the 11th to get all their questions answered and everything firmed up for the big day! AFTER the surgery, Scott will not begin chemo again for at least 4 - 6 weeks to give his body a chance to heal and insure that no infection occurs around the prosthesis. So... say those prayers, send those vibes, and do those get well dances!!! Our little buddy needs to get well REAL SOON here!


Whooooo hooo! Scott's home from the hospital this evening!!! He's still feeling quite sluggish, and he had to PROMISE to drink lots of fluids to keep himself hydrated, but he's OUT the door of the hospital...bye bye...adios...seeya later! (maybe!) Now, they meet with the surgeon on Monday, and then they'll have a better idea of exactly what to expect with the surgery... which may not happen now until the 21st. ... but we'll see. (I'm sO confused!)


Hey! STUFF is happenin'! We have a definate date with a phoney bone to be installed at 9:00 a.m. sharp on Thursday, February 21st! The Surgeon has given strict orders that between now and then Scott is to eat EVERYTHING in site! Yup! Gotta FATTEN him up a bit! Now, Judi has a request! (from the locals please) If y'all have any movies PG-13 and SOME "R" rated ones (generally speaking, if the rating was given for violence) that you would be willing to LOAN Scott for the time that he's in the hospital, it would be GREATLY appreciated! He will have a VHS and DVD player available to him. If you could just make sure your NAME is on them and drop them off at the Coyles' that would be great too!

In the weeks following surgery, depending on Scott's pain and strength, they plan to hit some of the museums and stuff. They had hoped to do it BEFORE the surgery, but Scott getting sick and having to spend two weeks in the hospital sort of took the wind out of their sails! (BUT... it gives him something to look forward to!)


~~~HaPpY DaNcE~~~hApPy dAnCe~~~ All of Scott's scans have come back and the Doctors are DANCIN' in the streets!!! Everything is looking MARVELOUS dahling! The tumor that was once the size of a grapefruit is now the size of a Cherry Tomato! And NO new tumors have surfaced! ~~~Dancey Dance~~~ Scott's body has responded EXACTLY how the doctors had hoped and prayed it would and he is in goooooooood shape for next Thursdays surgery! I'm also told he is dining on STEAK daily for LUNCH even, just to fatten him up! LOL! WEIGH to GO Scott!


Welp... this is IT! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!
I only have one thing to say...

We are all WITH you buddy!

(i will be here with updates as soon as i receive them!)


Whew! It's been a WILD 24 hours - huh? Well, for those who managed not to visit this site in the last day, (and WHERE were You?) I will give a brief update. Scott's surgery ALMOST got cancelled yesterday morning, but, thanks to a totally AWESOME team of doctors, they decided to carry on and the surgery finally went through yesterday afternoon without a hitch! The doc's are THRILLED (jubilent was what Judi said!) over Scott's condition, his body's reaction to the chemo and the end results of the surgery! They decided at the last minute that they had about a 90 % chance of saving Scott's knee... and they DID! Along with about 5" of the femur above the knee! This was miraculous fantastical news!!! (many many prayers were said awaiting these results!)

Now... for today. Unfortunately, I blew my chance to actually TALK to Judi earlier, but she did leave me a message and said that Scott is doing GREAT. The doctors are doing a good job of controling his pain, and he HAS been moved into his own Private room at Children's. They have not yet seen the doctors but we will talk (for sure!) after they do!

A Little

I've talked to Judi now and she has talked to the Doctors too -- although they really didn't say much more -- just they are EXCEPTIONALLY pleased with Scott's progress. Judi and Rob are breathing a huuuuuge sigh of relief at this point ... though the road still lies before them, the worst of it is certainly over now! Scott is feeling fairly chipper! When the doctors came in he asked if he could go home TOMORROW. Well, he can't do that! Derek can't down visit him until Tuesday, so he MUST stay there that long!!! And that was his FIRST question when he talked to Derek this evening... "When are you COMING?" Sooooo, I guess he's back to being bored again... oh dear! (that's a GOOD sign, isn't it???)


Scott continues to do well. He was a little bit more alert yesterday... at times! Apparently some of the pain meds they are giving him are hallucinogenics. LOL! Judi says he sees things that aren't there and squabbles with brothers who aren't there, and keeps mentioning something in a box. She's not sure what box... or what's in it! LOL! This is one extremely funny little boy. Judi relayed this story to me: They had some company in the room yesterday, and Scott was laying in the bed (not that he has a choice) dozing in and out, and all of a sudden he just blurted out, "WHAT DO I GOTTA DO TO GET SOME ATTENTION AROUND HERE? GROW BATWINGS???" *G* Ahhhhh, I can just see it! Annnnnyway... he continues to want to come HOME, and yesterday he really wanted the nurses to let him get OUT of bed! I think that's on the agenda for Tuesday! Out of bed, and maybe a little PT!


Derek and I took the day off from school today to go down and visit with Scott. We spent the WHOLE day! Got there around 9:15 this morning and didn't leave until 7:00 this evening! And guess what? Scott LOVED it!!! He was awake and alert allllll day! He actually got up at 7:30 this morning when one of his doctors came in and woke him up. He got OUT of bed today, and sat in the chair for probably about 3 hours - maybe a little longer. We did not see any hallucinations ... much to Derek's disappointment. He was really looking forward to that part! LOL! The boys worked on Warhammers, and watched a movie, and PIGGED OUT on Snacks! Someone had sent Scott a HUUUUUGE basket brimming with Candy, Chips, and toys!!! It was just a WONDERFUL gift basket -- I think they'll both be sick for a week after all that junk today!!! Other big news was that Scott got a TRAPEZE on his bed today! That was a point of major fascination! He was in the chair when they installed it, but wanted to IMMEDIATELY get back in his bed once it was there! LOL! (see pictures above!) In "medical" news, he had his epidural removed today and they think he'll have the epinural removed tomorrow. (that's the line that feeds pain meds right to the surgery site). The dressings were changed yesterday evening, and the incision is looking wonderful -- he is really healing like a champ!!! Again, the doctors are very pleased!!!


Well now. Let me tell ya all a little something.
Six days ago this little guy had his surgery -- and do you know what he did today? He got out of bed, AND he used an aluminum walker to go from his bed to his chair!!! He took about 5 steps - each way. (HA! I'd of been proud of him if he just took ONE step!) And did he do this only ONCE??? Nope! He did not! He did it TWICE!!! Two times today he got OUT of his bed, and IN to his chair!!! Is this an INCREDIBLE kid, or what??? (and he doesn't think he did ANYthing... he thinks he should have walked down to 7-11 and got a slurpy or something!)

Well, on 2nd thought, maybe he shoulda! And carried Drew piggy-back too. On a tightwire! Over flames! BAREFOOT! Yea... that's what he shoulda done...


Scott is COMIN HOME today!!!
Just talked to Judi... Scott is doing GREAT! They've found the RIGHT pain meds for him and his Physical Therapies have been going really well! Scott is one
D E T E R M I N E D little man! He wants to walk, run, jump & skate -- and the sooner the better! He is really pushing himself! They have given him a brace that goes on his hip and down his leg to keep him from moving his leg too far IN (toward the other leg) or more than a 90 degree angle when he sits. He cannot do those two things until the muscles are stronger, because they could cause the hip joint to pop out. But other than that... he's well on his way!!! He's very anxious to have friends over to visit and play!


Oh, Scott is sO glad to be home!!! Back in his own bed, and his own house! They are working on seeing if they can get one of those trapeze contraptions to put on Scott's bed ... it would be helpful! But he's doing real well. The Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist are both visiting him at home for the time being, and he's getting around a little bit. It's hard. It's a lot of work and he has a long way to go -- but he's got a VERY GOOD attitude about it!!! And he is momentarily going War Hammer crazy and glueing and painting up a storm, so his hands and his mind are occupied when he's sitting! (not that he doesn't have his 'bored' moments -- but the War Hammers have helped tremendously!!!)


Scott saw the doctor yesterday and got all the staples out of his leg. His incision is healing nicely and he has been released to begin chemo again. Hopefully that will start next week -- I know... but the sooner he starts, the sooner he gets it DONE!!! He is to begin Physical Therapy on his knee and ankle now too. He will not begin PT on his hip for quite some time yet -- it requires a lot more healing and extra care. You would not believe all the precautions that have to be taken to keep him from bending that hip too much! At NO time must his knees come up higher than his hip. They've had to put a board in the car for him to sit on, so he doesn't sink down in the crevice... and he isn't allowed to REACH for anything! He has a little "grabber" thing that does his reaching for him. (as long as he doesn't have to reach for the "reacher" he'll be okay!) Judi saw an exray of the leg with the "apparatus" in place -- she says it's really interesting and answered some questions! We all wondered HOW the bone attaches to it ... and now we know! There is a rod that extends about 5 inches down into the hollow part of the bone (where the marrow is) and is cemented in place. Then the Metal "bone" is about 10 inches long above that, and ends in a ball that fits into the hip joint. Then the muscles all around the hip are "clipped" into place. So... I guess now we can understand why that hip requires so much more careful attention than the knee and the ankle - huh?


We had a little bit of a "scare" Monday night. Scott was running a fever 101.5 -- so Judi took him down to Children's ER, as with ANY fever, they must do blood work to rule out a bacterial infection. (remember... infection is his biggest enemy now!) He was given the okay and released. However, last night they received a phone call telling them to come BACK because the culture DID grow bacteria, and as they had identified it, they wanted to start him on a new antibiotic immediately. He was due to be back down there to begin chemo again today, but now chemo has been postponed for a few more days. They anticipate being there through the weekend -- and hopefully, two of those days WILL include chemo! (heeeeere we go on that roller-coaster again...)


Scott's infection turned out to be in his Broviac (the central line used for administering all medications), so it had to be removed. They have put a PIC line in his arm temporarily until the infection clears, and then he will receive a new Broviac. They are still HOPING to start chemo again on Monday. In the meantime its another loooong "boring" hospital stay.
Scott is home (since Tuesday) and feeling mighty fiiiiiine.... see HIS news above please!