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I met him quite by surprise
through a mutual friend
I was told he liked Root Beer and
Peppermint Patties
and I was told he was fighting a battle
I knew I had to meet him
and get involved in his life
I wanted to do my part
to make a difference in his life

He has made a difference in my life
He has shown such strength
a fighting spirit
a love of life

I know people ask why
I know people don't understand
I know I've spent 30 years working
with precious individuals fighting
this demon
But what's important to focus on
is the people that show their love,
their compassion
their prayers and thoughts
We must hold onto those things
which outweigh the bad

We may never know why
But we can't waste valuable time
We must keep positive and true
to our friend, Scott
He needs us as much as we
need him
I thank God everyday for putting
the Coyles in my life
I have been truly enriched by
meeting them.

I love you Scott and just wanted to send
this little poem to you to let you know!

Written with LOVE,
Jan Johnson