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Scott was taken back to the hospital last night for pain management. They administered an epidural under general anesthesia, and hopefully this will provide him GREAT relief soon! They did not start chemotherapy today as was hoped, but should start it tomorrow or Thursday.


*Cancer delivers a right punch!* Latest MRI reveals the tumor is growing. BUT... ***Scott swings the sword! Take THAT you blasted tumor!!!*** ... they DID start chemotherapy last night! The tumor should be shrinking soon!


Good news from Rob today! (Scott's Dad!) Scott had a restful night of sleep last night! They started the chemo around 8:15 pm and he did experience some fever and chills through the night. This is do to the medication and is to be expected. They will continue the chemo through noon Sunday. Judi has been at the hospital with Scott all week, but over the weekend she and Rob will take turns, spending time at home with Ty and Drew too! He will also have a laptop computer soon! Then he will be able to read all the wonderful messages you're all leaving in his guestbook! :)


This webmistress visited Scott today personally and he is a real TROOPER! For the most part he had a GREAT day today. Lots of visitors and company! Today is the first day he's really felt up to that! :) He's "transitioning" away from the epidural for medication and weaning ON to medication taken in pill form. He has experienced a bit more pain this way, but once he has had a few doses of the pill medication it should even out. The first round of chemo ends tomorrow and if all goes well, he will come home tomorrow night or Monday! He very MUCH wants to come home! There is some concern because his leg is measuring a little bigger today than yesterday, but the nurse said it COULD be just from the fluid swelling to fight the infection, or it could be the tumor has a gotten a little larger. I'm keeping MY thoughts on it being the "good" nasties fighting off those "evil" nasties!


Scott finally came home from the hospital late Monday night. Again, we have some good news... and some bad news. The GOOD news is the tumor HAS actually shrunk a little!!! *Slice Slice goes the sword!* (Swing a little harder Scott! Cut off a BIG chunk!) The BAD news is that Scott now has to receive a shot -- a real shot -- in a muscle -- every day for 7-10 days following every chemo treatment. :( This is just REALLY bad news for two reasons. 1.) It's because Scotts white blood count has gotten a little low. This is a side effect of the chemo. So the shots "purpose" is to increase his white blood cell count so that he can better fight off the infection. And 2.) Scott HATES shots!!! He mentioned this already, but let's reiterate! Scott HATES shots!!! This is his really, really BIGGEST fear in life and has been since he was just a wee little fellow. Please say some prayers for Scotty and send those positive thoughts to help him to find peace with this new situation. This is really very hard on him. :( And poor Judi -- the Home Health Care nurse came today to teach HER how to administer the shots. Judi says "I went to college to learn to be a TEACHER - not a NURSE!" Giving Scott the shots is almost as hard on HER as it is on him! Let's send (((hugs))) their way - for everybody!

Oh... and one more thing. The Drs. say "No" to Scott going back to school. Too many infectious little kids around in that place! Poooooor Scott!


Scott's had a good 4 days at home this week -- he had friends over to visit several times! Today though, he got a low grade fever. Judi took him down to Calvert Memorial for bloodwork and his counts were too low, soooooooo.... Scott had an Ambulance Adventure! (I can't wait to hear HIS version of this!) They took him back to Children's where they are making some adjustments to his sword! (the tin swords don't work too well -- he needs Heavy Metal!)


Scott is starting to suffer some of the side effects of the chemo. He has now lost 10 pounds, he has sores inside his mouth which make it difficult for him to talk, as well as making eating pretty miserable. (that won't help him gain weight much!) Plus the low white blood counts -- these are ALL side effects of the chemo and not something that should be worried about excessively. It's just all things that make Scott a little more miserable. Mom says his frustration level is very high now and he is bored out of his mind! It seems he does okay when he's at home but the hospital has quickly lost it's appeal! (imagine that!) On a brighter note, his white count is coming up and they have identified the infection that he's currently fighting and have switched to a better antibiotic for that particular infection. Chemo, which is supposed to start again on Thursday, may be postponed for a few days to give the antibiotic a chance to do it's job.


Scott's at home today!!!! I visited with he and Judi for about an hour or so this evening and I guess I have to say they're both holding up. Scott's mouth is still very sore, and he has some sores elsewhere on his body... but he's growing more cooperative about doing some of the things he needs to do to keep himself from feeling "quite" so sick. (i.e. - taking meds and eating things he's not really crazy about) His hair started falling out today also ... and... this is kinda funny ... he actually grew balder and balder as I was sitting there talking to him! Why? Because he was PULLING his hair out! He was totally facinated by how it just "came out" when he pulled. At first Judi admonished him for pulling it out -- but she soon gave up and handed him a bowl to put it in!!! LOL! They'll keep it for his scrapbook. The one thing is that even when Scott is having a good day, there can be some truly dreadful moments in it. Things that "well" people take for granted ... comfort issues... can very suddenly become absolutely torturous for this little guy. It is absolutely heartbreaking to witness, and the strength that Judi exhibits in taking care of him awes me. And the strength that Scott requires to get through it is, quite frankly, frightening. This is twice I've visited and witnessed him in pain, and both times I have been humbled by his strength. He is one incredible little boy.

Whooo woooo! Scotty had a GOOOD weekend this weekend! He was feelin' perky! He was feelin' spunky! Ohhhhh okay, I may be exagerating a little... but he was feeling good enough to go on excursions! He and his cousin Jenny went to Blockbuster and Walmart! And his Dad took him to a baseball card shop! Annnnnnd he got his head shaved completely now! No more hair to fall out! (or even pull out either... ah well...) Today Scott is back down at Children's -- just for a day trip. He begins the 2nd round of chemo today. Sooooo here we go! Scott swiiiiiiings his sword *SWISH, SWIIIIIISH* (remember, this is the new super improved ultra strong Titanium Sword!) **Waacka Waacka!!!** (a robust laugh) HA! HA! (with a gleam in his eye...) OUTTA my way Beast! I got things to do... ( i think the beast is cowering now.)


Scott's in to day 3 of his 2nd round of chemo -- and so far he's just feeling tired. Lethargic. But he's still BORED! It's hopeful that he will be able to begin lessons with his tutor next week -- that should help some! Scott misses going to school terribly. Judi asked him if he missed seeing his friends or doing the work and he said "BOTH!" -- now you know that's a bored kid! Also... Judi is putting out the word that they could really use a couple of more wheelchairs. If any of you "neighbor" folks have an extra wheelchair sittin' around the attic being all bored and lonely without a kid to ride it, or if you KNOW anybody that might have such a thing (to LOAN, not for keeps), please give Judi & Rob a call.


Scott finished his 5th day of chemo yesterday -- that's all for this round. So far he is feeling GREAT! A little nausea now and then -- but really feeling good this time! He's up and around on his crutches -- that in itself speaks volumes!!! And I heard him tell his Dad this morning that he'd been doing "wheelies" in his wheelchair! Ohhhhh Boy! AND the chemo is doing it's job! The tumor has shrunk considerably! Where his left leg (the one with the tumor) used to be about twice the size of his other leg, now it's actually SMALLER than his other leg! He's lost 12 pounds -- maybe it was all tumor! Anyway, he spent a good bit of time playing with friends this weekend and looks forward to school lessons with Mrs. Chase next week! Hurrah!!!


Whoooo wheee! ~~Do you SEE me happy dancin' here?~~ Scott finished his last day of chemo FIVE days ago, and he is STILL feeling good! Oooooo.... take THAT you beast! Take THAT!!! Nyah!
(It's all in the new titanium sword you know!)


I talked to Scott today -- he has a really nasty cold! He went for tutoring anyway though! This time he met his teacher at the Library.... the school is just too full of germs he says! Toooo true. He'll be going back to the hospital on Monday and will stay until Wednesday for his next round of chemo. Let's say LOTS of prayers that this next round goes as smoothly as the LAST round did!!!


Sheeeesh! Life with cancer is nothing if not a Roller Coaster!!! Scott is back down at the hospital tonight getting a blood transfusion because his white count sunk sooooooo low. (it was doin' da LIMBO... how looooow can it go?) But... he's at the blood store getting a whole new fresh supply and will be home very late this evening.