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Hi! My name is Scott and this is MY page!
It's all about me! And...

THIS is me!
If one day I feel very generous, I may tell you something about my two little brothers... we'll see... But for now, it's all about ME!

Oh Look! Here I am again! These were taken in South West Virginia at a place called Lake Hungry Mother! We had a great time there! It was so much fun! We stayed in a cabin and this is where I got "Hooked" on fishing. That fish I'm holding is a 15'' bass! Bass fishing is AWESOME! We also "tried" to catch a big ol' BULLFROG we found in the stream under the bridge! He was too big though - we couldn't get him. But we did catch some crayfish and minnows! And sometimes we went for bicycle rides through the mountains. It was a great trip.

The Webmistress Speaks:

Please excuse this special announcement brought to you by no particular sponsor. Scott is unable to complete this page at the moment... he's a wee bit preoccupied! Sooooo... I shall tell you allllllll about him -- everything I know!

Scott is a happy, normally healthy, 12 year old. He's extreeeemely smart and very funny! He does like to rollerblade... but of course, that's not all! He LOVES to go fishing, and he likes to skateboard, and lately he's been into scouting through the local dumpsters in search of building materials for his latest project -- a doghouse for Boo! He loves riding his bike through the neighborhood, playing in his tree house and having friends sleep over. He's also into video games in a big time kinda way! Game Boy, Play Station, Sega, the computer ... you name it! He loves to play it!

Scott is a really GREAT kid ... and unfortunately sometimes bad things happen to really great kids. On October 19th we found out that Scott has cancer. That's why he can't finish this page right now --- but he will! This will be a great something for him to work on when he's feeling up to it! To find out all about his cancer, run along to the NEXT page.
Or skate.... or ... just don't trip over boots in the hallwaaaaaaay.... ooops!

And I LOVE lots of attention!
So, please sign my guestbook
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